Online Training Private Group

Want to join a group where you can get free video online training courses, ebooks, audio materials, and support?

We have a dedicated Facebook group where you can learn technical and non-technical skills to help you get ahead and earn money or start a business online and offline full time, part time, or just as a hobby.

online training
ONLY $5 (USD) or 250 Philippine pesos online training membership fee, charged on a monthly basis

You can cancel anytime! Learn at your own pace. We teach from real experiences. (Terms and conditions will be posted soon).

You will be added to the private Facebook group as part of the package where you can ask questions and get additional materials, as well as connect with other students. We will start accepting new members on April 1, 2017.

Some of our courses are:

1. Virtual Assistant Skills Courses
2. English as a Second Language
3. Teaching English as a Second Language
4. Social Media Marketing
5. SEO
6. Transcription
7. Creative Writing
8. Technical Writing
9. Photoshop Courses
10. Web Design Courses

…and more!

Are YOU ready to climb your way up and start getting the RESULTS you’re looking for?

Whether it is personal or professional skills you’re looking for, our online training will help you get to where you want to be!

These are no false promises! I don’t like false promises, too, you see. Learn how to do things on your own through our online training so you can repeat the process on any future venture you will engage in.

So why is the membership fee so low?

It’s called an Exclusive Offer, which will be offered for the first three months of our launch! After that, we will increase our online training fees.

To join, please send a message through this link. I will then confirm I’ve received your message and will send you a link to process payment through Paypal. Once payment is confirmed, then I’ll add you to our private Facebook group.

This is ideal for those starting up their online careers and ventures.

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