10 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

You must have heard of virtual assistants and what they do. Maybe you already have a virtual assistant. Maybe you are thinking of outsourcing your business to one.

Whatever level of knowledge you have about the virtual assistant industry, it is good to know these 10 benefits of hiring or outsourcing to a virtual assistant for your business.

outsourcing to a virtual assistant

10 Benefits of Outsourcing to a VA for Your Business

Spend your money paying for work you need

There is no need to pay a full 40 hours a week if you only need 20 hours to accomplish what you need at the moment. If you have a steady flow of work that requires 40 hours a week, then you can pay for that, too.

Let’s say you need 40 hours’ work this week, but next week, you only need 10 hours. Is that possible? Yes. Outsourcing your projects to a virtual assistant allows you to choose your work hours.

Save time and money on training

Most virtual assistants will not need training. It is either they are experienced in the field or they can find ways to learn how to accomplish the task without your supervision. In special cases, though, like learning a special tool meant for your business, you may need to train your VA. Business protocols and your personal work preferences are some of the things you need to teach your virtual assistant.

Worry no more about payroll taxes

Business owners who employ in-house assistants have to deal with payroll taxes. That is another advantage of working with a virtual assistant, though. There is no need to worry about payroll taxes. You only pay your VA’s rate.

No obligation to pay or sign up for employee benefits

Virtual Assistants work as freelancers. In other words, they are not entitled to employee benefits.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will save you office space

You don’t need to setup office space or equipment to accommodate your virtual assistant. Your VA will provide the workstation. He/she has a computer and an internet connection that allows him/her to work remotely with you from anywhere in the world.

Hire extra help whenever you need to

Unlike working with regular employees, working with virtual assistants is very flexible. Don’t get me wrong, though, I am not against hiring regular employees. I hire regular employees, too, for my VA business.

The difference between working with a virtual assistant and a regular employee is you choose to hire another VA when there is more work available rather than constantly providing work — even unnecessary ones — to your employee because he/she is in contract with you for at least a year or so.

VAs have technical and non-technical skills

They either learned them from previous employment, from school, or from taking freelance works outside of your project. VAs also learn new skills without being told because it is their business to grow those skills to get more clients. In other words, when hiring a VA is done right, you’ll get someone who can become THE second YOU, or even better.

You can choose to hire a dedicated VA instead of an entire team

A dedicated VA is your personal assistant. That means your projects are done by one person and it does not get passed around within a team. He/she may not belong to a team of VAs — although there are VA businesses, like JL Professional Virtual Assistant, that assign dedicated VAs to their clients.

Change your VA anytime

If you don’t like how your VA works or he/she doesn’t have the skills you need for your next project, you can always find someone else without any obligation to your other VA.

VAs use modern styles of working and collaborating

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant means accomplishing your projects in modern ways. VAs are tech-savvy. They know how to use scheduling apps, editing software, cloud storage, and more. With technology so accessible and user-friendly these days, you can easily collaborate and work with your VA.

If you have questions about outsourcing to a virtual assistant, let us know in the comment section below. Ready to hire your first VA? We’d love to hear from you.

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5 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant”

  1. Getting a VA can be life changing. Sometimes you think you can’t afford one and then you get one and then you think you can’t afford NOT to have one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Having someone to help you with the nitty gritty stuff is indeed amazing! Helped me tons to free up my workload.

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