Every project requires different sets of skills. For us to produce outputs that are within the expectations of our clients, we take time to study the requirements before we proceed. Here’s our step by step process:

project management process

Step 1

You get one hour free service to request for samples. If you like the samples, you can pay for your weekly or monthly plan and you can keep the samples. If you think your requested samples do not match what you are looking for, then there is no need to proceed and we will keep the samples and use them as we please. To request for samples, please provide us with the following:


  • Instructions on how you want the task done.
  • Output expectation – for this, we request that you send us samples to use as references to achieve what you would exactly expect us to produce. If it is an article request, send us a link to an article that meets your criteria. If it is a website, send us a link to a website that has similar layout and design.
  • Please allot work that will cover one hour only.

Step 2

We will send you a document to fill out, which will also serve as a service agreement between you and our team. The document will require you to provide the following:

  • Project criteria – details of what would be an acceptable output to you.
  • Project timeframe – when do you expect the project to be completed? It should not be lower than your plan (weekly/monthly).
  • Project instructions – step by step procedure; you can provide us with a short training video or training document. A live Skype training with the Project Manager and the VA to be assigned may also be an option. Include login details for work tools and sites we need to access to complete the work.
  • Project samples – for our reference to what you are exactly looking for.
  • Other important information.

We may have a different agreement for long term, ongoing projects.

Step 3

Signing of service agreement between you and our team.

Step 4

After the signing of service agreement, an invoice will be sent via email. Please deposit your payment through Paypal (payment link will be provided by email along with the invoice).

Step 5

We will be on “Work In Progress” status once we have confirmed payment (a payment receipt will be sent to you via email). You will receive the following in the duration of the project on days specified in the agreement.

  • First draft – depends on the type of project.
  • Second draft – depends on the type of project.
  • Third draft – depends on the type of project.

Step 6

Final Output – we will review and document the criteria you mentioned in the service agreement. If everything has been covered, then project will be declared complete.

Step 7

Completion Certificate – this certificate will state that we have completed the project on time and have complied with your requirements.

We can proceed to your next project! Thank you for your business.