10 Reasons to Use Instagram for Business

After Instagram was launched in 2010, its popularity quickly grew in two months with approximately one million users! In just one year, it gained over 10 million users. As of December 24, 2017, records show 800 million monthly active users while there are 500 million records of daily active users! What does this mean? Simple. If you haven’t considered Instagram for business yet, then it is time you do.

10 Reasons to Use Instagram for Business

Here are 10 reasons to use Instagram for business that you may or may not know.

1. Using Instagram for business is one quick way of increasing brand awareness. Although a logo is not the overall definition of your brand, it is usually the image that’s most connected to it. And because Instagram is a visual platform, posting images seems the right thing to do. According to statistics, there are over 40 billion photos shared on Instagram as of January 23, 2017. This means using Instagram for business just got easier for building brand awareness.

2. There are more businesses using Instagram. This means you can find the right businesses to connect with. If these businesses are on Instagram, it means the platform is an effective channel to achieving business goals.

3. You can share your stories through Instagram Stories. Your followers will want to see you live. By using Instagram Stories, you build trust and confidence in your followers.

4. Instagram is fun and convenient. You don’t have to write long blog posts in order to market your business (although you can do that, too). It is also fun and convenient because you can be as creative as you can with your images.

5. Hashtags are more effective here than in any other platform. Yes, believe it or not, the most preferred place to use hashtags is Instagram. Facebook and Twitter use hashtags but they are not as great as when you use them on Instagram. So, if you want to create special hashtags to identify your business, the best place to start from is Instagram.

6. It is easy to share others’ posts and tag them. By sharing others’ posts, you also invite them to notice your page. Thus, increasing your engagements on and off the platform.

7. Increase your sales. For product-based businesses, Instagram is your best platform to showcase your products with ease. Take good photos of your products and post them on Instagram, and voila! You’re officially selling!

8. Your page has a big chance of getting discovered in “Explore”. Your secret weapons are consistency in posting and post engagements. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter may only show your feed to your followers, but that’s not how it works with Instagram. Your page can be shown to anyone in the world with an Instagram account.

9. Understand your customers better. By leveraging Instagram for business, you can easily learn what your target customers need and what they want. You can build your products or services so that these needs and wants are met.

10. Attract traffic to other platforms. Because Instagram has lots of active users on a daily basis, you can easily attract visitors to your website and your other social media pages.

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