3 Business Skills to Learn for Success

business skills

Do you remember the first time you got your hands into business? Do you feel like you know better today than when you started? I do. The business skills I knew before were far from what I know now.

When I started, I don’t even know how important it is to have a website or a social media presence. But I learned and I am glad I wasn’t too late!

In the span of five years from when I decided to become an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that there are at least three main business skills that I (and you) need so that I can operate my business effectively.

My top 3 business skills for success


By ‘networking’, I mean connecting and building relationships. This is your people skills – your interpersonal skills. This is a skill that you and I need to learn because we were not born knowing every type of personality in the world.

We connect with people through networking events. But these events don’t happen all the time. So most of us take our network online. The common denominator of offline and online networking is communication.

Communication takes different forms. Offline, our business skills in networking should consider the verbal and non-verbal forms. Online, we are perceived based on our posts, follows, likes, comments, and what we say or write on our websites.

So our networking skills need to cover two sides of the same coin – offline and online.

Project Management

We should think of every task, no matter how small, as a project. A project has a beginning and an end or completion date. That’s why we need project management skills.

Project management is about starting a project and seeing it through to completion. Of course, there are the technical stuff in between, depending on your industry, but let us keep it simple and call it the “start to finish” project management.

For you and I to finish a project, we need focus and dedication. We need leadership skills to rally our team behind us. We need a goal to reach for, and as Project Managers, we need to make sure our teams understand what we are doing and where we are heading.

These two business skills – networking and project management – work hand in hand.


Innovation is being able to create new products, services, and opportunities. It is being able to find new ways to market the same product or service to the same audience. It is a skill that enables us to be creative and find a different approach to reach new audiences.

I chose these three business skills because they somehow connects all the other skills we know that can drive business success. Networking gets us new connections – partners, clients, and even employees. Project management makes us finish the job the right way, at the right time. Innovation shows us how to think outside the box, thus, expanding our reach, creating new connections and gaining new projects.

So, if we work towards acquiring or enhancing these skills, I’m sure we will succeed in our businesses!

Did I miss a skill or you have a list of your own? Share them in the comment section.

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