4 Industries That Use Virtual Assistants

As a professional, a business owner or an entrepreneur, you most probably have plenty of things scrambling for your attention. No matter how much you try, you can’t possibly handle everything on your own. Trying to be a jack of all trades, although it is good to know many things, will only hurt your business and pocket. This is why many professionals and those in the business industries use virtual assistants.

4 Industries That Use Virtual Assistants

Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, you can now easily hire someone to do minor, yet equally important, tasks that don’t necessarily require your skills. Industries who are aware of the opportunity online use virtual assistants to manage their day-to-day activities without sacrificing quality.

A virtual assistant (commonly known as VA) is someone who offers support services to others from a remote location. They’re basically assistants who work online, at home, or wherever they may be that allows them to have Internet access. They handle all basic, technical, and administrative duties like answering calls and emails, data entry, blog management, transcriptions, designs, schedule management, and data analytics among others.

VAs are a goldmine as they help increase your productivity and come with a cheap price tag compared to a regular full time or part time employee. Several industries prefer them over regular full time or part time employees because of many benefits and advantages. Here are four main industries that use virtual assistants.

Law Firms

Attorneys have a crazy schedule and a demanding job. Some even work for more than 12 hours a day! Time-consuming tasks like drafting legal documents, preparing for court or trial, counselling clients, and representing them in court all sap their precious time. By the end of the day, they have little to no time left to deal with minor, yet equally important, work.

A virtual assistant can help lift some weight off by handling such tasks. This includes scheduling and managing appointments, transcribing recorded hearings, email management, research, and data entry. Lawyers who use virtual assistants to handle these tasks will then have ample time to solely focus on clients.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and financial firms have a lot on their plates. Some tasks require the eye of a professional while other tasks don’t. Outsource those that can be easily done by someone else. This can range from answering calls, bookkeeping, invoicing, and file management to managing account payables and receivables, handling business transactions, and managing emails.

Due to the nature of this industry, hire a VA equipped with the necessary skills or previous experience in the field and one you can trust (or build trust with over time) with financial details.

Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you totally have long lists of errands – mostly minor – to run. Listings have to be shown; appointments have to be scheduled; showings need to be planned; and real estate documents have to be drafted. Lest you’re a superhuman, you can’t possibly handle all these and still attend to your clients. Use virtual assistants to ensure you have enough time and energy to prioritize your clients.

Some of the tasks you can assign once you decide to use virtual assistants include, but not limited to, sending and receiving emails, handling logistics, researching listings, scheduling and posting listings, managing social media marketing and advertisements, and generating leads.

Small Businesses

Small businesses require a lot of effort, time and energy to break even and successfully grow. Business owners always have a tight and hectic schedule on their hands. Unless they use virtual assistants and outsource some tasks, pulling all-nighters just to keep everything running will become a norm.

Outsource menial tasks like answering emails and calls, social media management, uploading content to websites, bookkeeping, and creating relevant content. By doing this, you, as a business owner, will have plenty of time to concentrate on your business.


Virtual assistants are integral to the growth and success of any profession and industry. They carve out time for you so you can concentrate on growing your business rather than being enslaved by it. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your crazy schedule, it’s most probably time you use virtual assistants.

Written by Jonna Lindawan

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