5 Legitimate Sites That Hire Virtual Assistants

The basic tools you need to start a career as a Virtual Assistant are a working computer and an access to a high speed internet connection. Of course, you will also need a set of skills you can outsource. Your skills often depend on your educational background or work experiences. It may also be based on your interests and hobbies. These 5 legitimate sites that hire virtual assistants have their own definitions of skills and qualifications. It is good practice to always check these out.

5 Legitimate Sites That Hire Virtual Assistants

I consider content like this very important. Why? When I was starting out as a virtual assistant, I did not have these resources. The virtual assistance industry wasn’t that popular as they are today. If this kind of content did exist, it was limited. It would also have been low quality because Google’s algorithm when it comes to ranking was all based on keywords, not quality. My point is, with content like this, many virtual assistants today can easily sift through sites that hire virtual assistants and see which ones are legitimate and which are not.

Here are 5 sites or companies that hire virtual assistants!

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is headquartered in Union Square, New York City. To work with them, you need fast internet access and skills in making and answering calls. You also need to be good at data entry and research. They pay per task from $3 to $7. They provide their assistants with an option to choose their work hours.

Red Butler

Red Butler hires virtual assistants to handle front office, back office, and personal support tasks like calls, marketing, research, and travel support among others. You will need communication skills, people skills, technology skills, writing skills, and multi-tasking skills to perform your virtual assistant job.


This is one of the legitimate sites that hire virtual assistants, but they only accept applicants living in the US. Before submitting an application, always check for available positions. They do not hire at all times and their available posts change every now and then.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

To apply for a virtual assistant position with 24/7 Virtual Assistant, you need to send your resume to careers@247virtualassistant.com. The services they offer their clients are administrative support, customer service, bookkeeping, data mining, human resources, and web development among others.

Assistant Match

Assistant Match offers more than just match virtual assistants and clients. They also train virtual assistants and provide resources through their blog and sister site, Virtual Assistant Quickstart. Their services include marketing and growth, organization and maintenance, and customer service. You need to have the skills to perform at least one of these roles.

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