5 Ways I Get More Clients

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Today, I want to share at least 5 ways of how I get more clients for my VA business. You probably have tried one of these ways or maybe even have your own. But here, I will talk about why I use them and how effective they are to my business.

How I Get More Clients

Research/Lead Generation

I don’t use opt in forms as many are doing. But I’m not closing my mind towards using that in the future. To get more clients, I generate leads by manually searching through Google.

If you want to use this method, how do you get the right people to contact?

Start with coming up with the right keywords. Think about what titles or interests your prospect clients may have. Example, you want to work with people in the jewelry business. You could go to Google (or any Search Engine you prefer to use) and type in “jewelry websites” or “jewelry businesses” (without the quotes).

Open each link in the results page and gather information from the website you get – contact information like email address, phone number, social media pages, or other linked websites. Sometimes I’d go further as to researching on who owns the business if the website does not mention the owner.

One more thing I do when researching manually is to open search results down to 5 pages… or even 10 pages. Chances are that there are websites that have not been ranked in Search Engines and their owners may need more of your services than those who are ranked higher.

Cold Emailing

This works hand in hand with the first one. Get more clients by sending emails to them once you get their email address through research. For those who do not understand what cold emailing is, it is a term used to mean contacting someone by email for the very first time. This means you have not connected in any way before.

Of course, for cold emailing to work, you will need to come up with a compelling email – an email that does not go to their junk folders. That means it has to be informative rather than promotional. I often create templates to make things easy, but I found that a personal message composed specifically for a prospect receives more responses than those automated ones.

Cold Calling

Can you get more clients by cold calling? Yes!

Like cold emailing, you are contacting your prospects for the first time by phone. Again, this works hand in hand with research.

Not everyone will want to do cold calling. To be honest, cold calling is more difficult than cold emailing because you get to talk on the phone with a total stranger. Then comes the rejection plus countries like the US have laws regarding unsolicited calls, although I am not sure how those would apply to us who are outside the country since we have more freedom.

So how do I make cold calling work? It isn’t easy, but I start with planning. This helps eliminate any other uncalled for issues in the future. I create a script to open a call and introduce myself and what I do. When you do this, do not stick to reading your script on the phone. Only use your scripts as your guide. It’s like an outline of possible answers to possible questions like, “How much do you charge?” or “What is a virtual assistant?”

Job Boards

I use this method but not as often as the first two. Job boards are good if you are starting out in your career as a virtual assistant (may apply to other careers, too). The good thing about job boards is you are contacting prospects who are actually looking for your skills. They also have their job posts with the qualifications they need so you don’t have to wonder whether you are qualified or not.

The disadvantage I’ve found, though, is the competition is very tight. There are thousands, if not millions, of freelancers around the world trying to get the attention of one prospect. Some freelancers go to the extent of lowering their prices just to get the prospect to sign them up on the project. But I use this method once in a while to get more clients.

Social Media

Yes, this is one of my power tools to get more clients! You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube to get more clients. But like any other strategy, you need to learn what works and what does not work for your business.

For me, engaging on Facebook and Instagram works a lot. Promoting my Facebook page is one step towards getting my prospects to be curious about what it is that I do.

So, which of these five ways have you tried in order to get more clients? How have they served you so far? If you haven’t tried one or more of these, start now. Let us know how it turns out.

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