50 Services A Virtual Assistant Can Offer

We are all too familiar with the term virtual assistant and the vital role they play in offloading some tasks from your “plates”. Just that. A generalization. But what exact services can a VA do? What can you outsource to your VA? Here is a list of at least 50 services a virtual assistant can do that you may have never heard of in the past.

50 Services A Virtual Assistant Can Offer

  1. Manage emails – a virtual assistant can answer, filter, and forward important emails to you and for you.
  2. A virtual assistant can handle inbound and outbound calls. Think of it as a remote receptionist role.
  3. Make travel arrangements – a virtual assistant can book your flight ticket, accommodation, and transportation.
  4. Book relevant speaking engagements that can benefit your business.
  5. Carry out industry research on trends, hot topics, and competition.
  6. Open social media accounts – Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  7. Regularly update and post on social media.
  8. Engage with your social media audience – a virtual assistant can promptly reply to comments and questions or create engagement and trust, which is vital to your business growth.
  9. Monitor engagement – analyze traffic, subscribers, likes, and comments on social media posts to identify your audience’s preference.
  10. Closely analyze your competitors on social media to identify what works, what doesn’t, and keep you one step ahead.
  11. Create social media content – research content and add relevant pictures, videos & audios for your social media sites.
  12. Automate social media posting for the most suitable time to get maximum engagement.
  13. Social media campaigns – come up with suitable Facebook and Twitter ads.
  14. Video editing – cut intros, edit out unnecessary clips, add filters, effects, captions, and relevant audios for a crisp and clear video.
  15. Audio editing – add special sound effects, and filter out sounds for quality audios.
  16. Graphic design – craft logos, banners, thank you cards, and advertisements.
  17. Create professional PowerPoint presentations.
  18. Transcribe important audios and videos.
  19. Fact check your research content to ensure credibility.
  20. Proofread – no matter how much you’ve gone through your work, spelling and grammar errors easily slip through the cracks. A set of fresh eyes helps find and correct them.
  21. Invoice – Hire a virtual assistant to handle all your invoicing needs.
  22. Database entry – especially if you handle huge amount of documents.
  23. Organize files according to its importance and function on Dropbox.
  24. Publish posts on your websites – an ever-green website increases sales.
  25. Comment, answer questions, and engage with readers on your website.
  26. Actively participate in relevant public forums and discussion boards, thus promoting your brand.
  27. Take down minutes from a meeting.
  28. Record and create weekly and monthly reports on tasks, deliverables, and sales.
  29. Source other services like writers and graphic designers. They can post on recruitment sites so your only job would be to interview the candidates. Some virtual assistants, though, have HR backgrounds and they can do all hiring stages for you.
  30. Draft training manuals for new members and remote workers.
  31. Communicate with clients either through emails, calls, or social media.
  32. Update contact and email list on your CRM.
  33. Schedule appointments with clients, salespeople, and business people.
  34. Follow up on appointments – your virtual assistant can send out appointment reminders.
  35. Manage and schedule your calendar.
  36. Follow up on clients e.g. sending thank you cards, asking how their experience was, and what can be done better to improve their next visit.
  37. Run personal errands – forgot to send an anniversary gift? Or a birthday wish? Let your VA place a call and keep your personal life together.
  38. Web design – set up websites, create custom pages, and install WordPress.
  39. Make bank payments and transfers.
  40. Split, merge, and convert documents to PDF.
  41. Upload lists to autoresponders.
  42. Plan and coordinate events – not the whole planning, but your VA can amass invitation and vendors list to choose from.
  43. Search engine optimization to rank your website higher on search engines.
  44. Come up with blog post ideas or any other creative job needed.
  45. Research and compile a list of prospective clients to reach out to.
  46. Online shopping – buy groceries, food, or a movie ticket. Anything that can be done online.
  47. Translation especially if your company has a global reach.
  48. Bookkeeping – maintain cash flow, manage balance sheets, and process payrolls. A VA with a financial background or experience comes in handy.
  49. Copyright company images by adding watermarks or captions.
  50. Create surveys and forms for customer feedback.

A simple technique to follow when hiring a VA is to find one who can do the things you hate doing, things you can’t do, or things you shouldn’t be doing. Getting these tasks out of your way carves out extra time so you can focus on what really matters–your business.

Written by Jonna Lindawan

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