Getting Started As A Virtual Assistant – Your Resume

So you have a workplace and you have the needed equipment ready to start a Virtual Assistant career. It is time to craft that resume, yay!

You may ask, “But I thought this isn’t employment. Why do I need a resume?” Well, it isn’t just employment that needed resumes, just so you know. Your resume is simply a proof that you exist and that you’ve had real human experiences and you’re not a robot or someone trying to commit fraud. So, here are some resume tips to start your Virtual Assistant career.

If you are a fresh graduate with no work experiences, then it is easier to compose your resume. You think that the more experiences on your resume, the higher chances of getting hired or pinning down a client? Well, in some cases, yes. But not at all times.

Getting Started As A Virtual Assistant

So, if you are a fresh graduate and/or have no work experiences and you want to become a virtual assistant, then make sure you write down your skills in your resume. Not just any skill, though. They should be skills you know are going to be useful and helpful when you get that Virtual Assistant post.

Include your ideals, usually in the “Objective” section. But again, make them useful and relevant to your target, the client. Include your hobbies, not just any hobbies. If your hobby is eating or sleeping, you do not need to include that. If your hobby is reading, then include it with a little twist like, “Reading – it makes me go to places I’ve never been” or “Watching News on TV – I get updated about what is happening in the economy”. You get what I mean?

If it is something you can find a positive side to, then include them. If not, then leave them out. Also, you should state your educational background, but never overdo. I found that, though clients respect titles and educational attainments, they wait to see your work before they get impressed. So, if you boast about getting a Masters or PhD in your resume but you suck at work later on, then that creates a negative picture of you.

How do you overdo an educational background? Some would actually include their grades! Well, if the client asks for it, then go ahead and provide it. If not, then don’t. It isn’t important until they say it is.

The next tip is, if you have no online work experiences but you have had other work experiences, then make sure you list down all of the skills you have, including those you’ve learned from previous jobs. You may include those mentioned above, but most importantly, put yourself in your client’s shoes. What would your client be looking for in a Virtual Assistant?

Clearly, the client would be looking for someone who can be trusted and someone who is reliable. The long distance work relationship can make your prospect clients very cautious, so how do you assure them you can be trusted? How will you assure them that they can rely on you? Include those in your resume.

Next tip when writing your resume is to determine which Virtual Assistant service you’d like to offer. This will guide you when you think about the skills to showcase. So if you haven’t worked on your resume yet, then take this time to do that now!

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