Happy 1st Anniversary, JLPROVA!

JL Professional Virtual Assistant turned one year old on October 14, 2017. But our celebration was held on October 28, 2017. Our theme, “Progress, Not Perfection: One Year and Counting”, rings true from the moment we started this business. It will be the theme that will guide us all through this new year for JL Professional Virtual Assistant.

The toast masters…

To a more progressive business! We look forward to charity work involvements this coming year. – Jonna

To new team members and ‘oldies’, keep pushing, learning, and progressing. – John

To mom who is always there to support our family as we get busy with business. Thanks for treating me like your very own son, too! – Jun

To more opportunities! Let’s grow together and work together for progress, not perfection! – Fernie

JLPROVA Anniversary

JLPROVA Anniversary

JLPROVA Anniversary

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