How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Around the world, as the number of entrepreneurs grow, many now look to virtual assistants to help them grow and maintain their businesses. Because they are fully loaded with tasks that they cannot accomplish by themselves, they often struggle to balance their work and personal lives. An option they have at first is to hire someone in-house but later, they’d realize they are spending more on staff than in making money for the business!

With the help of the Internet today, virtual assistance was born and will stay for quite a while! Some entrepreneurs have no idea what virtual assistants do or whether or not they are truly going to become assets in their businesses. But there are also some who knew, heard, or have hired virtual assistants.

Those who have hired virtual assistants have had positive and negative experiences but overall, hiring the right virtual assistants will benefit the client a lot more than what he or she is going to pay. One obvious benefit is the decrease in operational cost and increase in productivity.

hire a virtual assistant

So, if you want to hire a virtual assistant, here are some tips.

You will want to hire a VA who understands your business!

There are literally thousands of virtual assistants all over the world and they have different skills and backgrounds. It is very important to know these so you will be sure to hire the right candidate, someone you can work with in the long term.

Hire someone who can communicate clearly!

Look for a virtual assistant who is a good communicator. Since virtual assistants are located in different continents, good communication may also mean a strong grasp of the English language, unless you require someone who speaks in a specific language. Good communication is a vital skill that can either make or break a working relationships at all levels of an organization.

Prepare a list of tasks for your virtual assistant!

Your VA cannot guess what you want done. It is important to at least prepare an initial list of tasks to discuss with your prospect VA before finalizing the hiring process. It is good to also evaluate your daily and weekly workload so that you know which work you can assign to your virtual assistant.

Don’t forget the interview part!

The interview will tell you many things. It will confirm your prospect VA’s communication skills, attitude, thinking skills, and professionalism.

Start with a small project or a test

You can only move forward to this stage when the candidate has passed the interview stage. By assigning small tasks or tests with deadlines, you will know whether the VA is a good fit or not.

If your prospect VA has passed all stages, then you have found yourself a long term business partner who is happy to get paid an amount you agreed upon that will not break your bank nor will it exploit him/her. If you cannot decide or are not sure whether or not a virtual assistant is a good fit for you, we will be happy to help in the recruitment and hiring process, too!

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