How to Make Money Writing From Home

One of the many ways businesses market their products and services without spending a lot of cash with an advertising company is through writing articles. Business owners can also easily find quality freelance writers willing to do the job and make money writing from home. So if you are one of those wanting to start a writing business, then I encourage you to move forward with your plan! To help you out a little bit, I’ve listed a few ways you can start and become profitable.

How to Make Money Writing From Home

So what does it take to make money writing from home?

I would assume that you are interested in becoming a freelance writer or a writing company because you love writing. Not only do you love writing but you also have the knack for it! So let’s skip the grammar and spelling lecture and move on to the “meaty” details.

Choose a Niche (or more)

You can, of course, choose to write about anything you are interested in. But sometimes, your interests have no credible foundations or out of focus. For example, you want to write about pet care and then later, you’d write about career development, or something else. What you write on these subjects would often be based on your experiences and not backed by facts. Or they may also be backed by research and facts but you may not have experienced them firsthand.¬†This isn’t bad altogether. You can do this if you’re doing writing as a hobby or just for fun and you have no interest in writing to make money from home.

On the other hand, if you want to make money from your writing skills, you need to choose a niche that will serve as your foundation or guide to writing your pieces. By choosing a niche, you will begin to build your credibility and become an expert that readers and potential clients would search for on the field. You see, even if you have wonderful products or services on your website, without proof that you are knowledgeable about them, your visitors won’t blink an eye when they come across them. Or maybe they wouldn’t even find your site!

Write Great Content

Writing great content is not just about grammar and spelling. These two are given, but most importantly, a great content should provide value — real value — something that your readers may want to know about the niche you’ve chosen to write about. A great content will engage your audience. It will captivate their interests and will lead them to sign up with you.

Use LinkedIn

If you don’t have a website/blog to promote your writing style, LinkedIn is a good place to start. It is free to publish articles there, plus, you already have it on a site where professionals gather! So expect your articles to be read by people from different industries. Consider it a place to build your portfolio. Create a LinkedIn account that is fully optimized. It will also serve as your resume if potential clients wish to know a little bit about your background.

Contact Potential Clients

The most important step towards your goal to make money writing from home is to contact your potential clients. Offer them your writing services with links to your sample articles already published. Most clients would want to read something that’s already published. Sometimes, they’d request for samples on a certain topic.

Market Your Services On Social Platforms

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube, go ahead and use these platforms to market your writing services. You cannot guarantee that everybody will find you on one platform. So maximize your online presence by using different channels.

Above all, in order for you to make money for your writing business, you must practice self-discipline when producing your content. Self-discipline will help you achieve focus. Focus will bring you success!

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