5 Mistakes You Should Never Make At A Job Interview

job interview mistakes

Going to a job interview alone is a challenge. So flunking the interview shouldn’t be because of these five (embarrassing) mistakes. Not to mention, you don’t get the job if you commit these mistakes!

Here are the 5 mistakes you should never make at a job interview

Go unprepared

Going unprepared to an interview is a complete turnoff to any prospect employer. So make it a habit to learn something about the company before you send an application or at least before the interview.

The moment you send your application to a company is the moment you should start learning about who they are and what they do. You don’t just focus on answering the most common interview questions that you find on the Internet. You should also know a little bit about your prospect employer.

Tell all the bad things you don’t like about your previous job

I assure you, you will fail the interview when you do this! Yes, there will be some bad experiences along the way, but telling these to your prospect employer in an interview will get you nowhere.

This is one of the biggest mistake an applicant would ever do during a job interview. If you want that job, learn to be positive. Turn those bad experiences into lessons and challenges that make you grow. I’m sure there’s at least one thing good you can remember about your bad experience.

Pretend to understand something you don’t really know

This is a sign of pride – and I meant pride as in being cocky. Pretending to know something you don’t will only put you in trouble at a job interview especially if the interviewer asks several follow up questions about the topic.

It feels better to be honest. Admit that you don’t know if the interviewer asks a question you genuinely have no idea about. Besides, interviewers can find out whether or not you’re telling the truth.

Slouch or put your hand under your chin when talking to the interviewer

This definitely will kick you out of the interview room in an instant. You wouldn’t want that to happen!

Always observe good manners and right conduct when doing the job interview. It is a good practice to be aware at all times about these wherever you are. Once they become part of you, they will come naturally when you most need them.

Remember to be polite at all times. Sit up straight. Shake hands firmly with the interviewer and look the other person in the eye when talking.

Wear whatever clothes you find in your closet

This won’t work at a job interview! Wearing appropriate clothing is a sign of respect to the interviewer and yourself. It gives you and the other person a sense of dignity if you are properly dressed.

Women should never wear heavy makeup when going to an interview. They should not wear too high heels. Man or woman, you should not use strong perfumes or colognes to an interview. Be professional and look respectable.

These are just five of the most common job interview mistakes that, although they are very easy to spot, are most often forgotten.

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2 Replies to “5 Mistakes You Should Never Make At A Job Interview”

  1. Billy

    Thanks for suggesting this book and this article. I bought this book a week ago. I think it’s a good book. Sometimes it felt like some of the questions addressed are repeated. But I guess that’s what the interview questions are like. Btw, I like the way the answers are written.

    • Jonna Post author

      Thank you, Billy. Yes, some interviewers ask the same questions differently. I think it is one way of gauging whether the applicant’s answer is going to be consistent or not.


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