Meet Jonna

founder of jl professional virtual assistantI am the owner and founder of JL Professional  Virtual Assistant, a digital marketing and virtual assistant services business. I could list down all of my experiences here but I think those belong in a resume–one I seldom use these days! But if you need to look at a similar one, feel free to view my profile on LinkedIn.

I’ve been in the freelancing industry (gig economy/VA industry) since March 2012.


A Look Back

Prior to becoming a freelancer, I worked as a part time English language private tutor while studying in college. I was involved in several church services as a volunteer and later appointed as one of the leaders in multiple departments, particularly the Youth department, Children’s department, Music department, Evangelism department, Women’s department, and finally as the Christian Education Director.

After about 2-3 years in college, I dropped out to work full time due to an unexpected financial crisis. I worked in the corporate call center industry in the customer service, sales, and technical support departments for five years.


Entering the Freelance Industry

In February of 2012, I fell terribly sick. I requested for an indefinite leave to complete my 6-month rest and medication as advised by the doctor, but the company refused. They can’t afford to give me that long and suggested I re-apply once I was back on my feet. So I resigned… reluctantly, in March 2012!

Long story short, I became a freelancer but had the mindset of an employee. It was a totally new work culture and environment for me. But I managed to turn the Internet into my playground AND office. I learned everything I can about the gig economy/freelance industry.

I loved every bit of the journey–I had the best and worst of both employment and freelancing worlds!


As a Freelancer

My first service as a freelancer was as a researcher and data entry clerk. It was the easiest, when I think about it now, but at the time, it was challenging. Then I put my writing skills to the test. I was a bit confident about it because I was editor-in-chief of our high school newsletter.

As my skills grew in number and increased in level, the industry also improved with new stuff. The term “virtual assistant” finally became popular and more defined.


As a Virtual Assistant

I still consider myself a freelancer because I do a lot of freelance projects but I use “Virtual Assistant” as a business title. I am a professional, multi-skilled VA, offering services as a writer, transcriber, researcher, data entry specialist, online tutor, social media manager, and more!


As an Online Business Manager

Yet another term that’s new in the industry but basically have the same skill sets as a VA! My role as an online business manager is to help clients save their time and money and grow their business at affordable costs and high quality results. As online business manager, I also have my own team that I’ve personally trained to assist me in making sure all clients’ projects are given the attention they need.


As a Trainer / Coach

In addition to my VA services, I’ve started my VA training/coaching service called “Beyond Words With Coach Jonna”. I help aspiring Virtual Assistants get started and assist experienced VAs to get to the next level in their VA/freelance careers.


My Business Values

Professionalism. Reliability. Quality.


Next Steps…

I always strive to improve my services and every year, I get to have something new added to my skills and/or services so I can serve more clients and grow my team. I am also working on growing my other businesses.


So this is me! Welcome to my business world. Let me and my team help you build, maintain, and grow yours! Click here to contact us.

What Our Clients Say


Hi, I hired Jonna to transcribe numerous videos for use in white papers, blog posts, and anything else we needed. She consistently delivered transcripts on deadline, and it was a pleasure working with her!

Kevin Tumlinson - Thriller Author | Podcast Host | The Voice of Indie Authors