Online Jobs and the Virtual Assistant Industry

You hear about online jobs and the virtual assistant industry all the time these days. People talk about making loads of money working online. Well, how true is this? What is this, really?

Before the virtual assistant industry became popular, people were already utilizing the Internet for advertising and creating content. They have been making money online in the comfort of their homes. Some have put up offices and decided to create websites or platforms where people who can’t get employed in a regular job for some reason can finally use their skills without discrimination.

Online Jobs and the Virtual Assistant Industry

If the excitements are true, the fears are truer. Scams are everywhere on the Internet and online job seekers need to be aware of the pitfalls of trusting too much.

If you decide to work online, here are stuff you can do:

Freelance your skills

Almost any skill can be outsourced by freelancers. The term ‘freelancers’ today now pertain to ‘virtual assistants’ but the wide industries virtual assistance falls into are consulting and digital marketing.

So who is a virtual assistant?

Most virtual assistants possess more than one skill. They are assigned tasks like handling customer emails, managing blogs, writing blogs, creating ads, putting together presentations, generating leads and sales, customer service phone support, chat support, transcribing meetings and other audio or video recordings, and even setting appointments or organizing events among many others. If you are wondering if one person can be all, believe me, he or she can be!

Working as a freelancer online will give you the ability to try out one or more companies. This will help you determine which companies are legitimate and are professional enough to work honestly with you despite the distance and the virtual environment you have. To many freelancers, this is a great way to make money. There is always a need for freelancers and this will seem to last for many years.

There are great paying jobs you can find in sites like and www, These sites are like bridges between contractors and clients. They are the ‘middlemen’ with their own sets of policies. But as a freelancer, you can find work outside these platforms.

Never stop learning

If there is anything else worth doing other than earning money doing online jobs, it is that you do not stop learning. As I always would say, learning is all there is to life until we no longer have life in us.

Some of the ways you can continue learning include, but not limited to, online learning, attending free workshops, paid seminars or conferences, and training. You may even opt to hire a coach — it really depends on your mental, emotional, and career goals.

Connect with the right people

Working online or as a virtual assistant can mean solitude. But it can also mean you’ll have to deal with many people and situations all at once. For example, since you work at home, you’ll have to learn to manage your time between work and family responsibilities. You will have to learn to be flexible and resourceful.

Everything you do to grow your skills and personality through online jobs is dependent on your personal and professional goals. If you have not thought of these yet, then it is the right time to sit down, get a pen and paper, write them down, and get up and do them!

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