Why Social Media Is Important to Business Exposure

Before the computer age, if you have a business, all you got to do is print out flyers or be seen on TV in order for your business to get its needed exposure. Some don’t even bother to use flyers or any form of media. They believe that the presence of the business establishment will be enough to draw attention to the business. This may be true years ago but not today because of social media!

Why Social Media Is Important to Business Exposure

Today, your business cannot prosper if it does not get exposure online! If you’re one of those who wanted to stick to the traditional ways, sooner or later, the competition will be too difficult for you to beat. But why social media? Why not television or radio?

Here are legitimate reasons to build your business’ online presence:

Social Media Is Dynamic

The Internet made it possible for us to change something within minutes. We can change our logos, our website, our business page’s name, or our business’ motto within minutes. Years ago, it would take money and time to do this.

Global Reach

There are more people on the Internet than where your brick and mortar business is. Social media reach is global. Anyone in the world with a smartphone or computer and Internet access can see your business. This means your business has the opportunity to go global!

If your business is on Facebook, it has the potential to be discovered by 800 million users compared to maybe 500,000 to one million people in the physical vicinity of your business. So, imagine if your business is on every platform there is on the Internet!

Different Platforms

You don’t have to spend for TV ads to see your business on camera. You don’t have to pay radio advertisements to hear the host say your business on air. Most of all, you don’t have to pay for an expensive newspaper ad.

If you want to create videos, you can put your business on YouTube. Most platforms have now integrated video features. If you don’t want video but want your business to be on air, you can create a podcast. You can post as many ads as you want on your business pages without worrying about how you’re going to pay for them because posting on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms is free!

Then you may think, “What if social media suddenly goes away?” It will evolve for sure but it won’t go away for many years! I believe we will have ample time to switch to whatever comes next – just like we did from traditional business exposure to social media exposure.

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