Virtual Assistant Training 101 – February 2018

Virtual Assistant Training 101 - February 2018

We have just concluded our Virtual Assistant Training 101 course on Friday, February 23rd. Our three lovely ladies have provided feedback on what they’ve gotten out of the training. Read what they have to say:

Maryjane Lupa-i

Learning about the Virtual Assistant business is very interesting. I learned a lot of things during the training that I haven’t learned during my school days. The lesson that our trainers have imparted is a very big help for me because I can use it in the future. I’ve learned how to make my own accounts in several sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more — something I would find challenging to learn on my own. I also learned things like how to become a good entrepreneur as well as how to achieve my dreams. The stories of experiences that our trainers have shared taught me lessons, too. This Virtual Assistant Training expanded my knowledge about technologies that I didn’t even think were possibly existing. I had a lot of new takeaways from this training that can help me to be more of what I can be.

Jenny Punno

The lesson I learned in this Virtual Assistant Training was how to work in a comfortable workplace, like home. I learned how to generate income and to manage my time wisely. This Virtual Assistant Training opened my mind about the many opportunities available to generate income. Through this training, I also learned how to use the social media platforms like LinkedIn and to upload and edit videos on YouTube among others. I also learned how to design graphics through Canva and use scheduling tools like Hootsuite and task management tools like Asana. I learned the correct pronunciations of words in the Communications Skills lesson. This 5-day training made me see the reality of life, too. It has encouraged me to build my confidence, especially in dealing with future clients. It is also through this training that I’ve improved my knowledge about computers and the internet — and how I can make money through these tools. Thank you so much for imparting good character and knowledge to us. I hope to work with you soon! God bless you and your family.

Perlita Cullunge

I’ve learned that a Virtual Assistant is an online worker who works remotely using his/her own computer or laptop and a strong internet connection. Virtual Assistance is not popularly known in our province, but other provinces and cities in our country have already taken a step towards making this their main source of income. I’ve learned that you need the skills of a Virtual Assistant and the guts in order to succeed in your chosen field. Virtual Assistant Training like this can qualify you as a virtual assistant, too. In this Virtual Assistant Training, I’ve learned how to use different tools like Trello, Asana, Pinterest, YouTube and more. I’ve also learned that with the proper use of internet tools, you can make communicating with people and managing tasks easier and more convenient. Through these tools, you can also meet new people, either by email or through social media. It is easy to check work progress by using the right tools. I find it challenging to contact future clients but by practicing self-confidence, one can do the work of a Virtual Assistant. I’ve also learned that self-esteem can be boosted by studying and understanding their culture and adapting to their background and environment.

I am truly positive about their success in this industry! JL Professional Virtual Assistant team will be ready to assist where we can. So how about you? Are you ready to take that step forward, out of your comfort zone, and into where you can truly flourish? For Virtual Assistant Training, feel free to contact us.

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