Web Design Workshop – February 2018

Web Design Workshop

On February 24, 2018 from 9am to 4pm, we conducted a Web Design Workshop. In this workshop, I talked about the technical terminologies that the attendees should know if they are to become web designers in the future. After the lecture about best practices, terminologies, and basic design principles, we spent the rest of the day with hands on coding using HTML – the foundation of all websites.

Although we did not have enough time to cover all the basic codes and applications, we were still able to take a peek at WordPress as the Content Management System that’s easiest to use, which allows each one to select specific themes for their blog, create designs following best practices and design principles, and use basic coding to add elements in their posts or pages that do not readily come with the theme they chose.

This workshop reminded me of someone I once trained – someone who wanted to go straight to the output even without understanding the basics first. I could say that she has no design sense at all, just to be honest – although I was careful not to tell her that during the training thinking that she might take it negatively. And because she was rushing to finish the course, I left out too many valuable lessons that she should have learned if it weren’t for her attitude towards what she’s learning and towards me as her trainer. This was an experience I could never forget because I’ve never trained or tutored anybody (except her) who looked down on his or her own teacher!

So each time I conduct workshops like this, I always make it a point to include as number one lesson the attitude towards what you are learning, attitude towards other learners, and attitude towards your trainer. Acting like you already know what you’re about to learn will not gain you respect; besides, why would you come to the training or workshop if you already know it, right?

I’m glad to have shared my knowledge and skills in basic web design through this workshop and I hope to see more of these trainees shine! Always remember, your “attitude will determine your altitude!” No matter how many skills you acquire and knowledge you gain, you will fail if your attitude is not right.

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