Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is In

Even though they are a part of a speedily growing worldwide industry, the notion of hiring a virtual assistant is still comparatively unfamiliar to most business owners and professionals. A Virtual Assistant or quite simply a ‘VA’ is generally an independent worker operating remotely, either from his home or from his personal office. Most Virtual Assistants focus on providing Personal Assistance, but others also provide services like Social Media Marketing or Website Design.

Virtual Assistants work from all around the world, but some clients may decide hiring a virtual assistant from their own country. To them, this eliminates the common difficulties connected with working with foreign professionals. But gradually, these barriers are dissolving, and virtual assistance is becoming more of a global phenomenon rather than a country-wise decision.

In this day of technology evolution and revolution, countless people are now utilizing cloud-based tools like Skype and Gmail to make work possible from miles away. This means that a growing number of people are employed from home. These factors have made the profession of Virtual Assistance much more lucrative.

Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is In

Evolution of the VA Industry

USA and UK are two countries where this profession is growing at the fastest rate. It has been projected that by 2018, Internet professions around the world will be valued at over $5 billion as the demands for hiring a virtual assistant continues to grow. In the UK, still being in the process of recovering from one of the worst monetary crisis in its recent past, businesses and startups are now enthusiastic about focusing on saving expenses and rationalizing their business procedures more than ever before, which bring them to hiring a virtual assistant.

Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Great Option for Businesses

The flexibility and effortlessness of hiring a virtual assistant significantly overshadow the hiring of a part-time or full-time employee, who will most likely every so often not have sufficient responsibilities to occupy themselves with. This is not only seen as a bad investment in terms of the remunerations being spent but may also mean unproductive business day – two problems virtual assistants do not bring.

Here are some positive outcomes evolving from this shift to the virtual assistant industry:

Their Workplace Is Everywhere

Virtual assistants can work from anywhere and anytime. With good communication, businesses can get their work done fast and professionally.

Improved Productivity

Studies have proven that remote professionals tend to be more productive. Statistics show that working from home, whether as an employee or a virtual assistant, yields a better output and increased productivity compared to employees who are working from a regular office.

Lower Cost

Businesses that hire virtual assistants profit from lower overhead costs. They do not have to use office space, equipment, paid training, or holiday packages. Businesses also save a significant amount of their budget on taxes by employing freelance virtual assistants in preference to full time workers.

To make working with a virtual assistant effective, you need to know what to look for in a virtual assistant. By knowing what projects you would like your virtual assistant to handle, it will be easier for you to find the best fit with whom you can work with for the long term or short term as your project/business deems necessary.

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